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Your partner for innovative analyses

Take advantage now!

Anusan Medical GmbH is your partner when it comes to innovative analytical methods. From classical blood tests to cell frequency measurement, we offer you an exciting portfolio of various complementary products.

In addition to doctors and therapists, many holistic beauty institutes, trainers and coaches also rely on our analysis methods.

Are you interested? Then feel free to brows, or contact us directly!

Wegweisend für Coaches, Trainer, Berater & mehr

Your ground breaking status check

The nica® technology is a process that uses a low-frequency carrier signal to analyze electromagnetic frequency patterns and thus identifies areas of the body in need of support.

The check takes 10 minutes and is completely painless.

As part of the evaluation, you will receive an individual micronutrient recommendation , which is calculated based on the results.

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nica® offers orientation

Nica technology specializes in providing you with an orientation within the framework of holistic health advice in the shortest possible time. It focuses on three main aspects:

1. Which systems should I support?

2. Which organs should I support?

3. Which micronutrients can help here?

What customers say about us

"I have been working with nonlinear functional analysis on my patients for several years. My new investment in the NICA from Anusan has already proven to be a good investment after only a few analyses on patients. By this I do not only mean the "financial" aspects but the way the system works... fast, simple, safe! Since the scan is very fast, I get an overview of the overall situation without much time expenditure and can then devote myself more intensively to the patient. With my previous systems, the structure of the software was very complicated and the result (at least for me) was sometimes very unreliable. I would also like to emphasize the very friendly and customer-oriented approach of all employees of the company. For all questions you will get a prompt, very detailed and competent answer and support.

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