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Experience meets innovation

Your satisfaction is our motivation

Anusan Medical combines decades of experience with innovative ideas. As pioneers in the field of micronutrient preparations (more information here), we have stood for quality, high-grade products and customer satisfaction for many years.

In order to provide our customers not only with micronutrients but also with the appropriate analyses, we set ourselves the task in 2018 of developing innovative methods for analysis or diagnostics and combining them in our portfolio.

In doing so, we take a complementary approach, which, in addition to classical laboratory analyses, also includes non-linear analysis systems (cell frequency measurement) in particular.

Some years ago we were appointed to the Senate of the German Economy for our excellent work.

You too can benefit from our experience by contacting us.

You too can act in a complementary manner for the sake of people.

Christian Ritzer

Master of Medical Arts (Mikronährstofftherapie & Regulationsmedizin)

+49 (0) 6747 - 951630

Managing Director

Claudia Kuhn

Internal coordination and assistant to the management

+49 (0) 6747 - 951630

Head Of Office

Annou Ritzer

Responsible for finances, controlling and accounting.

+49 (0) 6747 - 951630

Finance & Controlling


Franziska Madeja

Your contact for all aspects of our Anusan products.

+49 (0) 6747 - 951630

Internal sales and customer service

Margot Ritzer

Expert in the field of phytochemicals and regulatory medicine

+49 (0) 6747 - 951630

Scientific management

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